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5 Ways to Say Good Day


A fun way to educate the classmates of Hard of Hearing students that will entertain both children and adults alike.  This engaging and funny 13 minute video was developed from a live puppet show written and performed for classrooms in Vermont by regional consultant Jim Bombicino.  It comes with a teacher discussion guide, and is designed to teach young children (pre-K to 4th grd.) 5 different strategies to use when speaking with Hard of Hearing people.  It is a puppet show, hosted by main character Jack, an 8 year old boy who wears hearing aids.  Scene 1 begins at bedtime, and the story continues the next morning with his routine preparing for school. There are 5 additional scenes where he encounters his mother, father, and sister along the way.  As Jack engages in dialogue with each family member, there are moments where the characters have trouble communicating and ask the audience for help.  The video can be paused at these points to allow the teacher or facilitator to lead discussion with their students as to what the problem is (“What is happening here?!”) and how to solve the communication problem (“Oh, you mean I should face the person?”).  The five strategies are then recounted by the characters at the end of the show for review.



The DVD can be ordered by contacting me by email above. Cost $5  (includes shipping).


Success For Kids With Hearing Loss Director Karen Anderson, Ph.D says, “When I saw 5 Ways to Say Good Day I wanted to jump up and down and yell YES! The puppets are charming and the message is powerful. Good communication takes consideration – a message that applies to everyone in the classroom and will especially benefit the student with hearing loss. A ‘must-have’ for in-servicing classrooms K-4!”    



Here's a preview!

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