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Jim Bombicino


Author Jim Bombicino began his career as an audiologist at the Austine School for the Deaf and later became a school psychologist. He eventually started consulting, serving deaf and hard-of-hearing students in a variety of educational settings. Jim has over 30 years of experience working in the field of education as an audiologist and school psychologist, and is now a hearing-aid wearer himself.


Very early on, Jim saw the value in serving the children in their classrooms, leaving his office and making rounds every morning.  Soon he began making trips to reach out to those students mainstreamed in rural communities. Jim began providing family, group, and individual counseling, stressing the importance of empathy and self-advocacy for effective communication. Tapping his interest in theater, he wrote and performed a puppet show for young hearing students entitled “5 Ways to Say Good Day” which highlighted 5 things to keep in mind when conversing with people with hearing loss.


The Elephant in the Room is his latest effort to reach out to kids and their parents, this time with a colorful new picture book.

Jim and Jean

Jim lives in southern Vermont with his wife, Jean, and Ruby - their “dog in the room”.

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